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Link Roundup: August 20, 2016

Nothing to see here but some links of interest. You know how it is. Politics * [How we killed the Tea Party]( -- Short version: greed over ideology killed the movement. Good riddance, honestly. * [I survived 'Trump' magazine--barely]( -- One _Trump_ magazine employee relates her story, which hits on themes that should be all too familiar by now: broken promises, unpaid bills, disrespect, and ripoffs. * [Donald Trump appoints media firebrand to run campaign](http://www.

Link Roundup: August 13, 2016

Yup, looks like it’s that time again. Science * [Controversies concerning Vitamin K and the newborn]( -- There's a meme going around that giving Vitamin K to pregnant women might cause childhood cancer. It will likely not surprise you to learn that this is untrue. Social Justice * [The Internet of dead girls]( -- How the stories of women killed by a misogynistic culture are exploited and weaponized in disrespect of their memories as human beings.

Link Roundup: August 6, 2016

Perhaps one day I’ll be able to share these over a neural interface. For now, you’ll have to use your prehensile paws and move the clicker to click on them. Film * [_Suicide Squad_ is the summer's best movie about divorce]( -- My favorite review of _Suicide Squad._ (I may post my own review soon.) Economics * [Trump Taj Mahal closing; Icahn says he lost $100M]( -- Trump hasn't owned this for a few years.

Link Roundup: July 30, 2016

I’m probably not at home when this goes up, but the link machine doesn’t stop. Technology * [Say farewell to SMS-based two-factor authentication?]( -- I rely on this a lot, so I'm curious to see what it's ultimately replaced with. * [Yahoo's sale to Verizon ends an era for a web pioneer]( -- Yup, Verizon bought Yahoo! Not sure _why._ Film * [Your face is tanking]( -- Some well-sourced examination of the bias in reporting on the performance of the new _Ghostbusters_ film.

Link Roundup: July 23, 2016

Much links. Very info. Police Violence * [Atlanta police shooting of unarmed black man leads to rare murder charge]( -- The "rare" part is what should change. * [The near certainty of anti-police violence]( -- Ta-Nehisi Coats explains why events like the recent targeted killing of police officers is an unfortunate but expected result of police abuses. Politics * [Fact check: Donald Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention](http://www.

Link Roundup: July 16, 2016

The hyperlink is really a wonderful invention, don’t you think? Social Justice * [Here's audio of what sounds like an NYPD captain pressuring an officer to target black men]( -- Another story about racially-motivated quota systems and the police. Despite quotas being illegal, they persist, and the racial dimension is there no doubt because it's easier for police to get away with. * [NY protester arrested on camera while talking to a reporter](http://www.

Link Roundup: July 9, 2016

I’m out of state (again), and yet somehow these links keep materializing. Someone should look into that. Politics * [How Donald Trump bankrupted his Atlantic City casinos, but still earned millions]( -- Great businessman! * [Liberals need to stop writing off non-college educated workers -- before the white working class writes off liberals]( -- I will note that, for the most part, this has already happened, and it has happened most starkly in the South, where racism guides the voting preferences of the white working class to an alarming degree.

Link Roundup: July 2, 2016

Since I was on the road for 3 days, I don’t have a lot of links this time around. I hope I’ve made up for the quantity with some quality! Politics * [Conservatives have groomed the perfect suckers for Trump's epic scam]( -- Not a terribly new take on the Trump phenomenon, but one worth reading anyway. Culture * [The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents' mistakes](http://qz.

Link Roundup: June 25, 2016

Did you come here looking for links? Are you lost? Don’t worry, I’ve got some. Social Justice * [This Georgia lawmaker is a champion for college men accused of rape. And he's winning.]( -- The way universities handle rape cases leaves much to be desired. Attempting to dismantle what they've established so that they can be even less effective doesn't help, though. * [1 in 10 CalTech students is homeless, study finds](http://www.

Link Roundup: June 18, 2016

Our link experts have been hard at work cultivating only the best links for your perusal. Please enjoy their selections. Politics * [More companies opt to sit out Trump's coronation in Cleveland]( -- Can't blame them for not wanting to be anywhere near this dumpster fire. * [Conspiracy theories aren't just for conservatives]( -- Some compelling evidence that liberals are just as susceptible to conspiratorial thinking as conservatives. * [The shadowy war on the press: how the rich silence journalists](http://www.