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Link Roundup: July 9, 2016


I’m out of state (again), and yet somehow these links keep materializing. Someone should look into that.


  * [How Donald Trump bankrupted his Atlantic City casinos, but still earned millions]( -- Great businessman!
  * [Liberals need to stop writing off non-college educated workers -- before the white working class writes off liberals]( -- I will note that, for the most part, this has already happened, and it has happened most starkly in the South, where racism guides the voting preferences of the white working class to an alarming degree.

Social Justice

  * [More than 2,400 doctors in the US have been sanctioned for sexual abuse]( -- And most of them have kept their jobs, because hey, it's _only_ sexual abuse!
  * [Men cite themselves more than women do]( -- Because of course.
  * [Several dozen rapes reported at Swedish music festivals -- adding to a disturbing trend]( -- Rape culture is everywhere.
  * [23 everyday actions punishable by death if you're black in America]( -- A chilling, sobering list. This has to stop.


  * [Elizabeth II, the Brexit Queen]( -- I would feel bad for her if this was likely to be materially harmful to her or her family, but it's mostly going to screw over regular Brits (many of whom voted for this nonsense).


  * [Untitled: Tabletop Convention Doc.]( -- A (rare) shameless plug. My friend is trying to get a documentary funded. He needs $4000 to get it going. Chip in if you'd like!