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Here and There and Everywhere

Most changes lately have been behind the scenes, but at least the site should be easier to find! One thing I added this week was a mobile plugin. WPtouch took a bit more setup than I would have expected, but it looks pretty good. Check out the site on your phone or other mobile device and you’ll see. One thing I was on the fence about was whether to allow zooming in and out.

Breaking Routines

I took a few days off this past week. I didn’t even go anywhere, but getting posts out when I’m off my routine was harder than expected. I was off work Wednesday through Friday. For one, I kept compulsively checking my work email, as if something would come up that I’d be needed for. (No such emergencies arose.) I also got off my normal sleep schedule, which really hammers my productivity and concentration.

Workload and Reaching People

I have a couple things to talk about this time around. First, I’ve been doubling up on posts lately. This is mostly due to my summer schedule. There are days when I know I’m just not going to have any time to write. When I can anticipate those, I write articles in advance and then schedule them. I’ve been doing that a lot this summer. For instance, I’m writing this on Thursday!

The Next Thing

Were anything of mine capable of being legendary, it would be how I turn out blog posts on a daily basis with virtually zero prior planning. I’ve mentioned before that I have a queue of topics for when I can’t think of anything in the moment. It’s a good fallback–so good, in fact, I don’t have to use it that much. Instead, I add topics to it fairly regularly, and just as quickly cycle them out with posts.


Would you believe this blog will cross the 300 post threshold this week? Hey, these Sunday posts are for nothing if not idle reflection. When I began this blog, my goal was to do one post a day for a year. In a couple more months, I’ll be there. I’m still of a mind that I don’t know for sure what I’ll do once I hit that mark. I am reasonably certain of what I won’t do, though:

Progress, Progress

Another Sunday meta post. First of all, it’s too damn hot. Go away, summer. I don’t need you. I’ve been making progress on recategorizing. Most of the way through determining what categories I need. Should be done with that sometime next week and then I can go about actually recategorizing everything. That part will probably be even more tedious, unless I can find a straightforward way to do it programmatically.

Slow Change

Change is coming, just not in a hurry. I’m currently working my way through all of my posts, determining what categories should exist for them. Each post will get exactly one category. First, I will determine for each post a category name that is both specific enough to be useful and broad enough to hold at least a handful of articles. I am adding new categories as I see a need for them, and tallying how many posts would fit under each.

In New Orleans

Surprise: I’ve been in New Orleans since Friday. Through the magic of technology, I’m writing this on Thursday before I’ve even left home. What will New Orleans be like? Will I enjoy it? I suspect I will! The main reason I mention it is because I’m not sure if I’ll do any weekday posts about it. I might, depending on what comes to mind while I’m there and after. I wouldn’t do so until after Monday, though, because I get back late that night.

Ends and Odds

It wasn’t a terribly busy week here, seeing as I was gone for a few days. I managed to write three posts in one day, and then two posts the subsequent day, in order to take care of Tuesday through Thursday this past week. That was a bit of a challenge and I’m not sure I’m happy with their quality. Live and learn. For some reason, my first article in my series on American health and healthcare got a ton of hits.

A Change of Trend

You know something’s different when the least popular kind of topic on this blog gets a lot of attention. Last week, I wrote about the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union. I have noted in the past that posts on international politics are massively unpopular here, so I was surprised when this one attracted so much attention. I suppose it’s indicative of how much attention Americans are paying to Brexit, compared with how much we tend to care about other international topics (which is to say, not much).