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Trump Still Doesn't Pay His Bills


Trump always touts what a great businessman he is. Seems part of that is not paying out his obligations–even now.

What’s going on?

During the election, you might recall that various stories came out about Trump stiffing people and firms who’d worked for or with him. Bills got paid late, for less than the agreed amount, or not at all. Trump has apparently made a career out of stealing goods and services from people who dealt with him in good faith.

You’d think that once he ascended to the Presidency he might be forced to behave more properly. But you would be wrong!

So far, his campaign has paid out over $4 million in settlements and fees over legal complaints that arose during the course of his campaign.  It seems that Trump gets sued–a lot. And it’s usually because he or people working for him refused (or “forgot”) to pay their bills.

Why is it important?

This is yet another chapter in Trump behaving as anything other than a normal American President. Were a Democratic President up to his eyeballs in this kind of legal drama, Republicans would be screaming bloody murder. Instead of experiencing a bout of “both-sidesism,” Democrats are strangely silent on issues like this. Really, they tend to focus on things like Trump’s stepped-up ICE raids and foreign policy flexing, even though the business and financial aspects of Trumpworld continue to sizzle. It’s like it’s impossible to keep up with all the wrongdoing.

What can I do?

Stay informed and do what you can to inform others. Press your Congressional delegation to demand investigations into Trump’s business and legal dealings. Trump will not be beaten by a single deft, brilliant maneuver–it will take a death by 1000 (figurative) cuts, as his agenda is chipped away and his misdeeds are exposed for what they are.