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Republicans Aren't Abandoning Trump


Sometimes, the notion goes around that certain Republicans keep their distance from Trump and decry what he’s done to their party. Don’t believe it.

What’s going on?

As a case in point, take Senator Lindsey Graham, who staunchly opposed and criticized Trump during the election, but is now heaping praise on him for his foreign policy. Kind of a head-scratcher if you ask me, since Trump’s foreign policy has been a confused mess.

Why is it important?

Certain Republicans sometimes get praise for bucking their own party, for having minds of their own. John McCain is the most commonly cited example. But it’s nonsense: in the end, they always march lockstep with their party… even when it means following Trump right over a cliff. The lesson? Republicans will¬†always put party over principle.

What can I do?

Apart from hoping the GOP doesn’t lead us all to annihilation, don’t let it pass uncommented when someone suggests that Republicans¬†don’t march in lockstep. Republican politicians, at least, tend not to criticize their own very much, and even when they do, they will change their minds as soon as it’s expedient to do so. Even with a President as reprehensible as Trump, they will shrug and go along. Don’t ignore that.

Photo by DonkeyHotey