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Technology is not Building Utopia

Digital technology has revolutionized our world. Before the invention of electronic computers, complex calculations could only be performed by humans, at best with mechanical aids that moderately sped up the process. Now, computers are powerful enough to solve problems in a fraction of a second that would take even a mathematically gifted human minutes if not much, much longer. The Internet enables near-instantaneous communication to almost anywhere on Earth. Information technologies are shaking up and radically changing different industries all the time.

Four Weeks and Counting

I have now made a new post every day for the past 30 days. Wow. As usual, not much to see here unless you just like reading about my process, for some reason. I still have a logo being developed. I am reluctant to move forward with publicizing this blog until I have a good visual identity for it. I don’t even have a favicon or anything right now. It has been quite an experience so far, though.

Link Roundup: November 7, 2015

What day is it? Link day! Entertainment * [_Spectre_]([ is the worst James Bond movie in years]( -- According to Vox, anyway. * [Cara Delevigne kicks ass in _Call of Duty_ trailer, but it's about ethics in games journalism]( -- Great job trolling Gamergaters, StarWipe! :) * [The graphics of _Fallout 4_]( -- After much fan ballyhooing over graphics "not looking next-gen enough," Bethesda talks about how the graphics engine is totally awesome, you guys.

Basic Intellectual Property Concepts

Intellectual property is commonly misunderstood, when it need not be. Mixing up the basic terminology is one of my pet peeves, too. Here, I will give some straightforward and basic information about intellectual property concepts and law. It should be easy to follow! Although they are not the only forms of intellectual property, there are three main types: copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Copyrights In the US (and most of the world), copyright exists for the protection of creative works.

Rethinking Autism

The phrase “autism epidemic” is thrown around so much it’s taken for granted. Autism is widely seen as a terrible burden, a fate often said to “tear families apart.” Autistic children and even adults are described in terms that make them out to be liabilities, rather than human beings worthy of love, respect, and even personhood. Stories like these, earnest as they might be, reduce autistic people to forces of nature.

Things That Shape History... That Aren't White Men

This is a guest post by Emilia. Enjoy! James has visited one of America’s founding myths – the just war – already so why not take down another while we are at it? There is one that is rarely questioned because it gives us a convenient and simple narrative for… basically everything that has ever happened. There is one thing that (we think) explains who and what we are today: the actions of great men.

Being a Good Ally

Everyone has their own approach to being an ally. I’m not here to say who is right and wrong, just to share what I’ve learned in the course of trying to be a better ally, myself. Becoming better is, honestly, all there is: you will never be perfect, or at a point where you can stop improving. It’s a lifelong process. To stand still is to fall behind. It might help to start with a definition.

Is War the Answer?

The protest slogan goes, “War is not the answer.” That’s direct enough, but what is it that war is or is not the answer to? Is war ever the answer? Book after book has been written to examine the latter question. I will keep my scope narrower: are the ways in which we’re currently using war actually solving problems? There is a component of American national mythology surrounding the notion of a “just war.

A Third Week, and Into November

This is one of my usual self-indulgent Sunday posts. Not much to see here, move along! I haven’t made any major site changes this past week. At least, not for anything terribly visible. I don’t think I ever gave a full accounting of the plugins I’m using. In case it is useful to anyone else, here’s a listing of what I’m using and what purpose it serves: * [Akismet ](https://wordpress.

Link Roundup: October 31, 2015

Another Saturday, another batch of links. Enjoy! Politics * [Obama and Ryan: Covert collaborators]( -- Will newly minted House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Obama get along? Some people think so. * [Republican tax plans are all basically insane]( -- This is not surprising. * [The real winner of the GOP debate will surprise you]( -- Rubio won, which I don't find "surprising." He's been shaping up into a frontrunner for some time now.