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Ads and Things


You might have noticed some new stuff in the sidebar.

I was recently approached by Newsmax about putting one of their “content boxes” on this site. At the same time, Google offered me some free AdWords money to run ads for this blog in their search engine. Well, why not run ads in Google to boost my search placement, while making a little money from ads on the site itself? Win-win, right?

The verdict is still out on that since it’s not even been in place 24 hours. I’ll be sure to post about it in a while, though–maybe after a month, so I have a good idea of how this is playing out.

The content box links are goofy as hell, as you’ve probably noticed. Can’t wait to “destroy” diabetes with whatever fruit that one link is about. I’m tempted to rip on the contents of the links once in a while. This might be a good time to mention that I’m not responsible for what shows up in that box, nor do I endorse the content, much of which looks to be downright absurd. I’m also curious to see if the content box will be pulled once they see I’m not speaking positively about it. Hopefully they wouldn’t be so petty, but you never know!

In a more forward-looking perspective: I do not anticipate ever putting ads on this site that would obstruct the original content. No popups, no pop-unders, no rollouts, none of that crap. I hate them and I’m not going to subject people to that. The most I’ll do is what you see now–a self-contained content box with everything jailed in a small part of the overall page.

Hope nobody’s too mad about my selling out. That’s late capitalism for you, friendo.

Photo by nick.amoscato