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Flynn, Again


Remember Michael Flynn? Trump probably wishes you didn’t.

What’s going on?

This story hasn’t come up in a while. You might recall that Flynn was a National Security Advisor to Trump. He resigned early on as it came to light that he had conversations with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office–supposedly without Trump’s knowledge–and allegedly promised to rescind the sanctions against Russia which Obama had put in place. This is a pretty big no-no.

Now, it turns out that Flynn was warned by the Defense Intelligence Agency back in 2014 not to accept money from foreign governments while working in the private sector. Flynn ignored this advice and went on RT-TV, a state-owned Russian television station that primarily serves as a propaganda arm of the Putin government.

Perhaps less than wisely, Trump has continued to praise Flynn even after his resignation.

Why is this important?

It’s part of the larger drama surrounding the Trump administration and Russia. It may yet bring down the Trump Presidency–but let’s not be premature. There is still a lot of investigating that has to be done first, and Congress has to be willing to go after those involved. Given the allegiances of Congressional Republicans, this may not be likely.

What can I do?

Same as usual: tell Congress to investigate. If they hear the same thing from enough people, they will have little choice but to act.

This story is almost certain to resurface in the future.