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Trump's Self-Described Accomplishments


So, what does Trump think he’s accomplished in his first 100 days?

CNN’s got it covered.

As for me, I’m going to talk a little bit about each one:


  * Energy Independence Executive Order -- Doesn't amount to much yet.


    * Revocation Of Federal Contracting Executive Orders -- Doesn't amount to much yet.

  * Reexamination Of CAFE Standards -- Doesn't amount to much yet.

  * Review Of Waters Of The United States Rule -- Doesn't amount to much yet.
  * Creation Of Regulatory Task Forces -- This promises to be an environmental free-for-all for corporate polluters.
  * Eliminating Stream Protection Rule -- Ditto.
  * Eliminating Regulations On Extraction Companies -- And ditto again.
  * One-In-Two-Out Regulation Reform -- Incoherent nonsense.
  * Minimizing Affordable Care Act -- Well, this hasn't been very successful, has it?


  * Buy American, Hire American Pipeline -- Only on new pipelines that haven't been proposed yet, so means nothing at this point.

  * Dakota Access Pipeline -- True, Trump successfully brutalized people until they left the construction site. Good job.

  * U.S. Material In Pipeline Construction -- See above.
  * Partnering With Private Sector -- Because government never does that otherwise? OK.


  * Withdrawal From The Trans-Pacific Partnership -- Probably one of the few areas where his opponents agree with him.

  * Trade Enforcement -- Means nothing at this point.

  * Comprehensive Reports On The Causes Of U.S. Trade Deficits -- Learning things doesn't count as an accomplishment, Donny.


  * Federal Hiring Freeze -- Which he later reversed.
  * New Ethics Commitments On Political Appointees -- We'll see if that amounts to anything.


  * Strike On Syrian Airfield -- Which accomplished nothing.

  * Travel Restrictions On Select Countries -- Which got overturned, twice.

  * New Iran Sanctions -- Nonsense.
  * Defense Spending In Budget -- Because previous budgets had no defense spending.
  * F-35 Cost Savings -- Really, he could've scuttled the entire program.


  * Immigration Enforcement, Including Constructing A Wall -- The wall isn't happening.

  * Sanctuary Cities Funding -- No progress on that yet. Sad!

  * New Hiring To Enforce Immigration -- True, ICE raids are way up. If there's one thing Trump's good at, it's destroying families.
  * Prioritizing Criminal Immigration Enforcement And Hiring More Immigration Judges -- No one is "prioritized" anymore. Everyone is fair game.


  * Commission On Opioid Crisis -- We'll see if anything comes of this.

  * Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Crime -- wat

  * Tackling International Cartels -- How?


  * HBCU Initiative -- Right. I'll believe it when I see it.

  * Canada-United States Council For The Advancement Of Women Entrepreneurs -- Ditto.

  * Promoting Women In Entrepreneurship Act -- That's cool, but maybe support women more generally, too?
  * Women And Space Exploration -- Everything will be fine for women as long as we can put a couple up in space, right?


  * Nominating And Confirming Gorsuch -- Literally, all you had to was nominate someone. The rest was up to Congress. Well done!

What a great list! I think it speaks for itself.