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Trump's 13th Week


It wasn’t a very lucky week for Trump, which might be appropriate for his 13th.

When Alex Shephard writes his week-in-review pieces for the New Republic, they always begin the same way. The subheading is always, “This week was pretty bad. But next week will be worse.” So far, he has always been right.

To be fair, it was bad week for the American right in general moreso than it was for Trump, but Trump is a deeply sensitive man who can tell when the public is against him and his allies. Every time he gains such an impression, he takes to Twitter to rant about how his critics are wrong and everything is great. It’s unclear who might actually believe such nonsense.

But this week saw Bill O’Reilly get canned from Fox News after half a dozen bouts with sexual harassment allegations, and while the dropping of the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan the previous week was pretty big news at the time… we still have no idea what, if anything, that accomplished. Let’s be real: if it had accomplished absolutely anything at all, Trump and his surrogates would be screaming it from the rooftops. Their silence on the matter speaks for itself.

But hey, Fox & Friends celebrated anyway:

Very little is known about what the “mother of all bombs” _did_—we don’t have specific casualty numbers for the suspected terrorists who were targeted, and don’t know how many civilians were killed—but that didn’t stop Fox News_ _from dropping the balloons from the rafters and cueing “Celebration.” In this horrific video, _Fox & Friends _channeled the id of a mainstream media that has decided that the only thing praiseworthy about Trump is his itchy trigger finger.

And we wonder why they hate us.

Trump apparently thinks we can push North Korea around, too, which is not a great idea when you’re talking about a regime with possible nuclear capabilities and not especially stable leadership. Vice President Pence went to North Korea to show the flag, but it’s not like that’s scaring anyone.

North Korea’s response has been to promise to step up their missile tests. Now that’s a win!

And remember when Trump said we were sending ships to North Korea? Turns out they were headed to the Indian Ocean instead. (Those are not really near each other.) I suppose we should have known Trump is not good at geography.

In Georgia, a special election to fill a vacant Congressional seat saw a no-name, no-ideas Democrat get 48% of the vote. The Republican won so Trump hailed it as a huge victory, but a nobody Democrat should never have been able to do so well in Georgia. Republicans should be afraid, even if Trump isn’t.

Instead of Presidenting, Trump spent Wednesday evening hanging with Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock–presumably, the three people in America who might actually like him as a person. They got their kicks mocking a painting of Hillary Clinton, because apparently the only way conservatives know how to have fun is by hating on their enemies. Sad!

Oh, what else?

  * Jeff Sessions didn't seem to be aware that Hawaii is a state, which I suppose is understandable since when he was born it was still legal to own people.
  * Republicans are allegedly taking another crack at destroying Obamacare. Bless 'em, they're so persistent.
  * Republicans are also threatening to shut down the government. Well, technically Trump is also threatening it. They have until April 28th.

Can’t wait for next week!