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Just Another Week in Trumpworld


Wiretaps, Russians, travels bans, Twitter rants, and the greatest healthcare bill of all time!

It was another strange week. To recap:

  * Trump accused Obama of having wiretapped him. (This didn't happen.)
  * Trump claimed Democrats were holding up his Cabinet picks. (Not true: everyone appointed has been approved. Other officials are being held up by his own party, not Dems.)
  * Trump demanded an investigation in Democrats' associations with the Russian ambassador because yet another of his cronies (Attorney General Jeff Sessions) got busted for lying under oath about meeting with the Russians.
  * FBI Director James Comey lost his shit over this demand, but since he has no friends left in either party, no one cared.
  * Trump signed a new Muslim travel ban, slightly less bad than the last one. There doesn't seem to be the same outrage over it, though, so he may have learned that he can get things he wants by first enacting such a terrible policy no one will stand for it, then backtrack and produce something almost as awful, but which will be tolerated because hey, at least it's an improvement.
  * Republicans came out with a new healthcare bill--their "repeal and replace Obamacare" effort, which in actuality would accomplish neither--and nobody liked it. Republicans fought over whether it dismantled enough of the Affordable Care Act to satisfy them; Democrats rejected it because it crushes important provisions of the law. Trump recognized it as a losing issue and shifted immediately to blaming Democrats for its failure--as if it was already defeated.
  * For International Women's Day, as women around the world marched in solidarity and at least in part to protest Trump and men like him, Trump tweeted about his respect for women, which nobody could possibly take seriously.
  * Finally, Trump fired 46 US attorneys appointed by Obama for no apparent reason except that, y'know, he didn't pick them.

The pace of Trump’s administration has slowed somewhat, even though it continues to churn out terrible policy after terrible policy. We seem to have settled into a rhythm of awfulness that we must simply ride out, whether it lasts 4 years or 8, or perhaps fewer, should Trump keel over or ragequit.

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