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Trump Gives Himself an "A," Deserves an "F-U"


I just wanted to have that cheeky title.

What’s going on?

A new President doesn’t technically give a State of the Union address, but Trump will be delivering a speech tonight which is meant to be a progress report of his administration so far and his plans for the next few years.

In the lead-up to this speech, he declared that he’d grade himself with an “A” so far but only a “C” for how well he’s communicated his greatness. If that’s not modesty, I don’t know what is.

Why is it important?

It’s probably worthwhile to see Trump spell out his intentions, or at least what he wants you to believe his intentions are. Hard to say what he actually means out of everything he says, since he often takes contrary positions in record time.

Honestly, it will more likely be a trainwreck, like his speeches usually are. They always seem like something beamed in from an alternate, evil universe.

What can I do?

Watch it, of course! It’ll be on the major broadcast networks, but if those aren’t an option for you, check out PBS Newshour’s livestream.

Don’t forget the obligatory drinking game. Just go easy on your liver.