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Trump's Lies and the WHCD


Just a couple quick things to point out today.

First, the Huffington Post put out a list of 100 lies from the Trump administration. My personal top 10:

  1. Lying about how big his inauguration crowd was. (He lied about this in various ways at many different times. It's a favorite topic of his.)
  2. He only lost the popular vote because of "vote fraud."
  3. The claim that he got the most electoral votes of any Republican since Reagan.
  4. Calling his Muslim ban a "success."
  5. The infamous "Bowling Green massacre."
  6. Claiming the murder rate is the highest in 47 years. (It's actually much lower now than it was 30-40 years ago.)
  7. Denying that anyone in the Trump administration had contact with Russian officials prior to his inauguration.
  8. Saying he accomplished more in his first weeks than any other President, when Obama actually accomplished more in the same time.
  9. Another invented terror attack, this time in Sweden.
  10. Lies about Obamacare as a job killer (it's not; job growth has been steady since its rollout) and something not many people use (also untrue: about 20 million people have insurance because of it).

On another note, Trump won’t be attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The President normally attends to deliver a humorous speech. As Trump is an ogre with no sense of humor, he would be the butt of all jokes rather than a comedian himself. Someone so thin-skinned would never survive such an encounter–it is our loss, I suppose.

But the WHCD is a gross spectacle anyway, where politicians and the media who are supposed to hold them accountable instead reveal how incestuous their relationship really is. In that sense, Trump’s attacks on the media have at least a small amount of merit–the DC press corps care more about protecting and advancing their own careers than serving the public with reliable, clear information. Diminishing the importance of the WHCD can only be a good thing, in that regard.

Let’s see what the week ahead brings. Out with February, in with March.