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Ban Trump from Twitter


What if Trump got banned from Twitter?

What’s going on?

As you probably know, Trump is a notorious Twitter user. He uses his account to bully, belittle, insult, and propagandize. There have been some rumblings that perhaps he might get banned from Twitter. In addition to denying him a platform for spewing his nonsense, it would also make him incredibly angry and he would no doubt revel in his petulance, like always.

Why is it important?

Well, it turns out this is not a new idea. There have been several other articles on the topic, each of which with their own perspective on why Trump should be banned, and some which offer rebuttals to the common points against such an idea.

Let’s be clear: this wouldn’t shut Trump up. He still has an eager news media who will lap up his every word. He will also still have access (though perhaps not directly) to the @POTUS account. He is not a man who will be short of platforms even without Twitter.

But it would irritate him to no end to be denied his favorite platform–the one place where he is supposedly free to be himself, and speak his mind.

What can I do?

That’s easy. Tweet at @jack, which is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and encourage him to ban Trump. If enough people show support for the idea, it might actually happen. The fact is, bullying and abuse aren’t allowed on Twitter–they are against the terms of service–so why keep him? He clearly doesn’t care about the rules. Let him face some consequences for it, for once.