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Two for One Special


I’ve got two items for you today!

What’s going on?

Item 1: Incoming Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was met with protest as she attempted to visit Jefferson Middleschool Academy in Washington, DC.

Item 2: Protesters are attending Republican town hall meetings, challenging Republicans who are going along with Trump’s agenda.

Why is it important?

On the DeVos issue, she represents a dangerous agenda for America’s public education system, intending to privatize and¬†religify our schools. Actively resisting her agenda is one of the best ways to thwart it.

Regarding the town hall meetings: publicly showing opposition to their aims and their support of Trump’s actions is necessary to building opposition to Trump’s administration more generally. Republicans may also start canceling their meetings, which will make them less responsive and less available to their constituents–a point on which they can be attacked during election season.

What can I do?

What others are already doing! Protest and block DeVos. Show up and challenge Republicans at their town halls. Challenge Democrats, too, for that matter. As many people as possible need to be on board with resisting and opposing Trump’s agenda and the Republicans trying to push through their own toxic ideas alongside.