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Vote Fraud Fact Check


The Trump administration is spreading lies again. Time to fight back with the truth.

What’s going on?

Over the past few days, the Trump administration has claimed there were “millions” of illegal votes cast last November.

Why is it important?

Through statements like these, Trump undermines the legitimacy of our government. Ironically, he is attacking the legitimacy of his own victory, so it might be tempting to allow him to kneecap himself on this issue. But it’s more important that people be armed with facts rather than misinformation and propaganda.

What can I do?

You know the drill: spread the truth! A source as innocuous as USA Today has it covered. Make clear to others that, while our voting system is far from perfect, its major problems do not involve illegal votes, but rather outdated registrations, inconsistent information, and millions of people being prevented from voting by . The problem is not that too many people are voting, but that too few have the opportunity, and registration processes are often cumbersome and poorly managed.

Photo by Donald Lee Pardue