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100 Days of Action


It’s been a while. Let’s catch up.

By the time you read this, Donald Trump will be President of the United States of America.

This is a dark time for America, and indeed the entire world. Kleptocrats and religious zealots, no longer content with influencing government policy through bribery and media warfare, have now been invited into the halls of power by the narcissist a minority of voters put into the White House. It was not enough to rig the game, to have all the advantages–they now own the game lock, stock, and barrel.

People’s rights will be violated. People of color, LGBTQ individuals, the disabled, immigrants, Muslims, women, working people–hardly anyone will be safe from the right-wing Piss Christ, and some are certainly much more vulnerable than others.

It would be easy to feel powerless, to despair over what has happened.

But these people are not the majority. They do not represent us. They do not have a mandate. Their racism, their sexism, their robber-baron capitalism–these are relics, extracted from the ashcan of our past, crudely polished and emblazoned on poorly-made merchandise, sold to an unwitting and gullible public. They were beaten before, and they can be beaten again.

So, this is what I’m going to do: as often as possible, and hopefully on a daily basis, I intend to call attention to a specific issue emerging in Trump’s America, elucidate why it matters, and what you–what each of us–can do about it. The first 100 days of any Presidency tend to be viewed as a benchmark, as a harbinger of what is to come over the next four to eight years. It is my mission–and should be everyone’s mission–to make Trump’s first 100 days a living hell for Trump and his cronies.

Let them have nothing without a fight. Let them battle for every scrap, every ill-conceived regulation, every codification of hatred, every giveaway to the wealthy and powerful, every assault on the environment and human dignity. We outnumber them, and they are neither invincible nor immortal.

My sabbatical is over. The real fight begins now.