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Link Roundup: October 15, 2016


This may be the last link roundup for a while. Try to hold back your sobs.


  * [RIP Galaxy Note 7: Samsung permanently ends production]( -- They couldn't stop the phones from exploding, so they just won't make 'em anymore.
  * [When free speech and German law collide on Facebook]( -- Facebook apparently makes it almost impossible for governments to communicate with it in order to take down illegal content. They'll respond to trademark infringement in a hurry, but hate speech? Forget it.


  * [Hillarys for President]( -- A lengthy, fascinating piece on the complex person and candidate that is Hillary Clinton, and why her complexity and inability to be nailed down or pigeonholed will be essential to her Presidency.
  * [Why Donald Trump and Billy Bush's leaked conversation is so awful]( -- Spoiler: because on top of everything else, it promotes rape culture.
  * [Trump's campaign wants to salvage his ground game. But an expert says "the damage is done."]( -- Probably goes without saying at this point, eh?
  * [Why do misogynists like Donald Trump love to talk about how much they respect women?]( -- A great point is made here that what Republicans are talking about is not respect, but respectability. They appreciate women who are pure and submissive. Sluts and harpies deserve what they get, which is why Republicans see no cognitive dissonance or hypocrisy in attacking sexual assault victims while claiming they respect women.
  * [Trump, the GOP, and the Fall]( -- John Scalzi waxes poetic about the crash-and-burn of the Trumpnado.
  * [Republicans deserve their sad fate]( -- That they do.
  * [Trump's sexual inkblot]( -- Another excellent take on why Republicans are responding to the latest Trump allegations the way they are.
  * [How Trump took hate groups mainstream]( -- This is why, regardless of Trump losing next month, we'll still have to contend with his supporters.
  * [GOP states keep ignoring court orders to restore voting rights]( -- Despite court orders, Republican-dominated states are doing their best to continue oppressing minority and poor votes via draconian laws that have already been struck down by courts. No doubt working as intended.


  * [RBS squeezed struggling businesses to boost profits, leak reveals]( -- The Royal Bank of Scotland is a bunch of assholes, basically.


  * [Code of silence]( -- A deep dive into the corruption and abuses of the Chicago Police Department.


  * [Check out these weird virtual dogs]( -- Definitely one of the strangest game concepts I've encountered.