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Link Roundup: October 8, 2016


I’ve got so many links I have no choice but to start throwing them out there.


  * [No country on Earth is taking the 2 degree climate target seriously]( -- What this means in practice is that, at this rate, the Earth will be uninhabitable for humans in a century or two.

Social Justice

  * [The sexist response to a science book prize]( -- The circular logic of sexists is truly amazing. Women are historically considered not to be good at anything because men kept them out of the loop (and then wrote histories that praised only men's accomplishments). So, when women start to receive accolades and prizes, it can't be because women have any merit, but because of some PC/SJW agenda to give women things they don't deserve. Sigh.
  * ['Do not resist': A chilling look at the normalization of warrior cops]( -- How do American cops end up being trained to act like soldiers in warzones? You can find out here. As a bonus: David "video games create mass murderers" Grossman is apparently one of the leading proponents of the "warrior cop" mentality.
  * [The sexist big reveal]( -- When a pseudonymous female author's novels become a sensation, one male journalist makes it his mission to expose her for... no reason except because he can, apparently. Men enjoy and get praised for anonymity, but clearly women are not allowed to have any privacy at all.
  * [Why one in six young girls in the UK feels ashamed of how she looks]( -- A problem that's getting worse, not better, in part due to the flood of social media.
  * [Six things we've learned about misogyny as a hate crime]( -- A police department in the UK decided to start treating misogyny as a hate crime. Shockingly, it did not turn into a feminist-led misandrist bloodbath. But it may well have discouraged boorish male behavior! And that's the point.
  * [For women of color, the price of fandom can be too high]( -- Basically, (cishet white male) "fans" ruin everything.
  * [What are white writers for?]( -- An interesting (and, to me, quite relatable) exploration of the role of white male writers in today's context.


  * ['Finally. Someone who thinks like me.']( -- A disturbing peek at the life of a die-hard Donald Trump supporter.
  * [Stop calling Mike Pence boring. Here's his track record on gays, women, immigrants, and the planet.]( -- It's all true. Pence is a dangerous man, he's just more soft-spoken than The Donald.
  * [The right-wing's political correctness]( -- An essay written by a friend of mine.
  * [Fox News outdoes itself with a ridiculously racist segment about Trump and Asians]( -- So vile it makes you wonder how anyone thought it was a good idea in 2016.
  * [Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005]( -- While it's entirely possible he's changed his ways in the past 10 years, I wouldn't put money on it. Content warning for utter grossness.


  * [How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016]( -- Rather, how it feels to attempt to learn the hottest new JS junk in 2016. You don't "need" any of this crap.


  * [Stalingrad]( -- A little story written by a friend of mine.