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Link Roundup: October 1, 2016


Welcome to October! Bring it on, autumn! And now, some links.


  * [Sympathy for the Donald]( -- What if Trump wrote an op-ed column the way he debated this week?
  * [Why Donald Trump should not be President]( -- The New York _Times'_ editorial board weighs in with their endorsement.
  * [Woman interrupted 25 times when sharing thoughts on Presidential debate]( -- Satire, but totally appropriate here. (Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times, by the way.)
  * [The first debate featured an unprepared man shouting over a highly prepared woman]( -- Pretty much.
  * [White riot]( -- An exploration of how racism and xenophobia have fueled right-wing populist movements throughout the Western world.
  * [Donald Trump's history of corruption: a comprehensive review]( -- Just think, this man could be our President!
  * [Last night's debate, or the mansplaining Olympics]( -- An amusing synopsis of the debate.
  * [Donald Trump's strange speaking style, as explained by linguists]( -- Interesting analysis that makes a lot of sense.
  * [Trump angry at allies conceding he lost debate]( -- I don't think he'll do any better at the next one if he's already convinced he won the first one.
  * [Stop pretending you don't know why people hate Hillary Clinton]( -- It's the misogyny, stupid. No amount of think pieces will change that.

Social Justice

  * [US prisoners are going on strike to protest a massive forced labor system]( -- So this is already mostly over, as I understand it, but it largely escaped mainstream notice.
  * [Rod Liddle said, "do the math." So I did.]( -- A statistician takes a look at statistics on police violence.
  * [Human zoos: Subconscious global color lines]( -- In case you forgot these existed.
  * [On the term "non-compliant"]( -- An examination of a term used to describe patients with chronic illnesses who, for one reason or another, are not receiving proper treatment.
  * ['The line is crossed, and it's crossed daily': the struggles of female bartenders]( -- Not as easy job for women in the US to get into--or keep--not least because of the sexist behavior of patrons.
  * [Identity & narrative: a response to Lionel Shriver]( -- A good companion piece to [what I wrote about Shriver](
  * [How the New Atheist movement blew a big opportunity to bring acceptance to non-believers]( -- Nice article by a friend of mine on the failure of New Atheism.


  * [Global ambient air pollution]( -- An interactive map showing air pollution data all over the world. Pretty fascinating.


  * [On the trail of African migrant smugglers]( -- An in-depth look at how refugees are smuggled into Europe across the Mediterranean.


  * [Smart home gear guide]( -- A website that does a nice job of rounding up various smart home devices.

Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video