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Link Roundup: September 17, 2016


I may not give the best opening lines to these Link Roundups, but you keep coming back anyway, don’t you?


  * [Women who love 'Star Trek' are the reason that modern fandom exists]( -- This is a true bit of history that often gets missed when talking about genre culture.


  * [Almost every word of Donald Trump's Birther statement is a lie]( -- No, Hillary Clinton was not the original Birther.
  * [White House women want to be in the room where it happens]( -- This could just as well have gone under Social Justice. Interesting stories, though!
  * [How the Trump Organization's foreign business ties could upend US national security]( -- A well-researched piece from _Newsweek_ that tries to unwind some of Trump's sprawling, globe-spanning business empire.
  * [This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach]( -- Granted, probably not that many people are supportive of "rolling coal" in the first place, but this whole idea that government is overstepping if it _ever_ tells you you can't do something does seem to be fueling a lot of the pro-Trump sentiment.
  * [Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer]( -- Not a bad piece, except that it insinuates Pepe was originally a white supremacist icon, which is not true. He's been co-opted as one, which is a shame, because I love Pepe memes. Also, what a bizarre election, amirite?
  * [Trump's path to victory is starting to look very real]( -- Nooooooooooooooo.

Social Justice

  * [Mansplaining: how not to talk to female Nasa astronauts]( -- Even when communicating with a woman who _has been to space_, there are men who think she doesn't know what she's doing.
  * [Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat]( -- An examination of the stigma and stereotyping that poor people are subjected to.
  * [West Virginia cop fired for not killing a man with an unloaded gun]( -- I really do live in a warped mirror of reality. :(
  * [White victims and black monsters: why I have no time for Becky feminism]( -- A sharp critique of the white feminism embodied by people like Lena Dunham.
  * [No, 'SJW' is not used to deflate Comstockian moralists. That's not how it's used at all.]( -- Are some people speaking out against bigotry and injustice unduly self-righteous? Sure, you would find that in any group. But that doesn't mean standing up against bigotry is wrong.


  * [Someone is learning how to take down the Internet]( -- Bruce Schneier doesn't give a lot of details on this, but it's worrisome nonetheless.


  * [Middle class incomes had their fastest growth on record last year]( -- This is good news, although it must be noted that that growth was very unevenly distributed.
  * [The trouble with macroeconimcs]( -- Some sick burns from Paul Romer.


  * [50 years ago, sugar industry quietly paid scientists to point blame at fat]( -- In truth, carbs are carbs are carbs and, in terms of weight control, their source isn't that important. Too much fat is bad. Too much sugar is bad. Demonizing one over the other makes no sense, and is unscientific to boot.


  * [World War I timeline]( -- This is really cool (although World War I is definitely not cool).


  * [Ultima Ratio Regum]( -- A development blog for a highly procedural game that looks interesting.


  * [Lasagna dip]( -- This recipe looks easy and delicious. Should try it soon.

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Photo by Sweetie187