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Link Roundup: September 3, 2016


I’m on the road again, but I won’t leave you hanging without links!


  * [Colin Powell's foundation and Hillary Clinton's are treated very differently by the media]( -- Can you say "double standard"?
  * ['No vacancies' for blacks: how Donald Trump got his start, and was first accused of bias]( -- Trump isn't a guy who says racist things to get votes. He's a genuine racist with a long history of putting it into practice.
  * [Colin Caepernick is righter than you know: the national anthem is a celebration of slavery]( -- An examination of "The Star-Spangled Banner"'s lyrics that makes it quite clear that the song approves of slavery, and its author was a vehement defender of the institution.
  * [How race and identity because the central dividing line in American politics]( -- An excellent article describing how our political preferences ended up where they are today--and how Donald Trump is likely not an aberration, but a signal of an ongoing trend. There's a [good follow-up piece](, as well.
  * [How the alt-right became the party of hate]( -- Tracing the origins of the movement that ultimately gave us Donald Trump.


  * [Full metal racket]( -- It turns out that the number one disability in America's veterans isn't PTSD, but hearing loss, and it's a problem that is continuing to grow.
  * [Trophy fury]( -- This is the best category I could think of for this: an examination of just why people get so upset about the notion of "participation awards," and what false beliefs that outrage is based on.
  * [Gene Wilder was right: Gilda Radner didn't have to die, and we need to talk about why she did]( -- On the heels of Wilder's recent passing, an examination of his marriage to Gilda Radner and the ovarian cancer--at that time, a poorly-understood and often misdiagnosed disease--that took her life.


  * [Here are all the things young people have been accused of killing]( -- We millennial snake people are a dangerous lot. When will our reign of terror end??
  * [I'm not fired, I quit: a user's review of Twitter as a lifestyle brand]( -- The funniest thing I've read this week.


  * [Kindle crashes and broken PowerShell: something isn't right with Windows 10 testing]( -- Microsoft seems to be experiencing some growing pains with its new continuous delivery model for Windows updates, much to the chagrin of users.
  * [The Dropbox hack is real]( -- If you had a Dropbox account in 2012 and haven't changed your password since, you may want to do so now--and retire that password from any other services where you may have used it, too.

Social Justice

  * [Naming America's own genocide]( -- Discussion of a new book that delves into the genocide of Native Americans that was part and parcel of the California Gold Rush. Not just the work of a few bad actors, but fully endorsed and event implemented by the state and federal government.
  * [Stop expecting women to be chill about sex]( -- A very worthwhile examination of how women approach sex in our culture, and what can be done to make things better.
  * [Welcome to the new America: straight-ish, heteroflexible, and pansexual]( -- A look at a growing trend among American youth: identifying as anything other than 100% straight and heterosexual.


  * [The decay of the Syrian regime is much worse than you think]( -- An intriguing (if disturbing) analysis of the current situation in Syria, in which Bashar al-Assad likely has much less real power than is widely believed.