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Formats and Things


It seems the question “How long can I keep this up?” has an answer: not for much longer! That doesn’t mean I am going away, though.

We’re entering that time of year when people go on vacations, spend time with friends and family, and celebrate various holidays. As I am not a complete shut-in, I will also be pretty busy. I expect that from November 21st until around January 9th, updates to this site won’t be quite what they used to be. I don’t intend to stop posting. But 1500-2000 word essays 5 days a week? Unlikely! I am playing with a few options:

  * Link commentary -- Every day, post a link that has caught my interest, and a few hundred words representing my thoughts on it.
  * Semiweekly features -- Instead of posting daily, put up a lengthy piece (~2000+ words) once or twice a week.
  * Some combination of the above, perhaps alternating.

Those of you who read this blog are welcome to comment with your preference, or any other suggestions you might have.

By no means do I plan to abandon this blog, though. I have been enjoying writing it, as stressful as it can be to find the time and energy, some days. I also appreciate everyone who reads and comments, whether on this site or elsewhere.

So, this may be the last full week of normal posting for a while, but I fully intend to bring the site back to full power early next year. It’s not as if I won’t have plenty to comment on in the meantime.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, whatever and however you celebrate!

Photo by DafneCholet