Link Roundup: October 24, 2015

It’s that time again! This week, I am taking a slightly different approach. Links will be categorized in sections so it’s easier to focus on what you might want to look at. So, here are this week’s Links of Interest!



Crime & Punishment



Social Justice

  • Men are threatened by smart women — Not a surprise, but hey, numbers.
  • Racists threaten Star Wars film boycott because it promotes “white genocide” — I could have put this under Culture, too. It seems 4chan started an “ironic” racist campaign against the film, and it got picked up on twitter, both by people who took it at face value, and actual white supremacists who agreed with it. (Whether the 4chan users behind this are genuinely racist or only “ironically” racist, and whether there is even a difference, I leave as an exercise for the reader.)




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Link Roundup: October 24, 2015

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